How to improve LpM & VpM in GSA Search Engine Ranker

Many of you may wonder why you keep getting low LpM and VpM values on GSA SER. Or perhaps you used to have great results and saw a sudden drop in the results. Also, you might be wondering how other GSA SER users reach up to a very high LpM level! Sometimes they look like they got superpowers or something!

When it comes to LpM and VpM values in GSA Search Engine Ranker, it’s referred to the Submitted Links Per Minute (LpM) and Verified Links Per Minute (VpM). These values can be very depending on the settings you have chosen, types of links that you build, set up performance, quality of other resources such as proxies, emails, and targets.

It's time to keep the full stop for low LpM and VpM! Let’s have a look at almost everything you can do to improve your LpM and Vpm levels in your GSA SER.

Set up GSA SER in a good VPS

Deciding to set up your GSA SER on a VPS would be one of the wisest decisions you would ever take in your GSA journey. Instead of just choosing a random VPS, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing one.

First and foremost, it has to allow users to use SEO related tools. Most VPS service providers have strict rules for SEO related tools, and you might end up getting your IP banned or your subscription terminated. So this is the most important thing you should check before choosing a service provider.

It is essential to use a VPS because you can simply install the software and let it run 24/7 on its own. As almost all the VPS nowadays comes with almost no downtime, you will be able to let the GSA SER day and night without any breaks. Woooohoooooo, backlinking 24/7, baby!

So how to pick the right VPS for your GSA SER complete setup? Let's find out the requirements that GSA SER needs to get you a higher LpM and VpM.

How much RAM, GSA SER need?

GSA Search Engine Ranker is 32-bit software that only requires 2GB RAM to run. You will be including captcha breakers and perhaps extra few tools for your SEO related work. It will all roughly take about 4GB-6GB RAM. Having the total RAM capacity of 8GB should be fine after providing plenty of RAM for the OS as well. So the ram is sorted, but keep in mind, using a bigger RAM always helps!

Hard Drive specifications for GSA SER

Using upgraded hardware such as SSD hard drives will also benefit while running GSA SER and other seo tools because, as you all know, SSD hard drives are known to be faster than the regular hard disks. If you choose an SSD hard drive, you will notice zero lag, and you will thank me later when creating campaigns and while making edits in GSA SER. (Loading projects / Program starting time etc)

This can also be a plus point if you can use SER Power Lists verified targets as it can help you to get better results.

If you are only planning to run GSA SER and other SEO tools, space of 60GB should do the job. If you have any other software in the list to set up on the VPS, you can pick a package that has more space. Required space really depends on the user.

Does GSA SER requires a big processor?

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a 32-bit software. They only require 2GB RAM to run. You will be including captcha breakers and perhaps extra few tools for your GSA related work. It will all roughly take about 4GB-6GB RAM. Having the total RAM capacity of 8GB should be fine after providing plenty of RAM for the OS as well. So the ram is sorted, but keep in mind, using a bigger RAM always helps

What is the right bandwidth for the best performance?

Choosing a service from a European country other than from the US might be beneficial to get better bandwidth (90% European VPS comes with unmetered and fast internet connections). Having an unmetered bandwidth will allow you to let GSA SER run day and night at it’s best performance. We cannot provide an exact benchmark for a preferred bandwidth because it depends on the user and the project. To be on the safe side and to avoid any limitations, try your best to choose a VPS that has unlimited bandwidth.

Now you have a basic idea about how useful a VPS can be to improve the speed in GSA SER and also how to choose the right one! Make sure the OS is windows since it can be very tricky or nearly impossible to install GSA SER on other OSs.

We can suggest a few recommendations. They are, XtremeMax-8GB VPS on Solid SEO VPS and the NEWSEO3 VPS on Green Cloud VPS. Of course, you can choose any VPS package according to your preference. And also, you can choose one that has better configurations. If you plan to become a heavy user of GSA SER, it would be very worth it.

Use quality private proxies for higher LpM and VpM

Proxies tend to get burnt faster than it used to be due to the high security of webmasters, firewalls, different security scripts, and plugins. So we need to make sure that our GSA SER has fresh proxies for posting. The correct Proxy tweaks can be very helpful in improving the VpM and LpM values.

Using a proxy service that allows you to use rotating proxies, will help you to remove saturated proxies and replace them with new ones easily without letting it affect your projects.

You can check the status of proxies with GSA SER in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc.

Do not use public proxies. Always use private proxies to complete all the necessary tasks. 

Options - Submission


Use quality emails

You can use about 5-15 emails per project. It will not require a lot of emails for general backlink creations. Adding a lot of emails might reduce the efficiency of the GSA Search Engine Ranker as well. It is highly recommended to use a mixture of emails such as Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and Catchall to make them look more natural instead of adding emails from the same provider.

Right Click on the Project - Modify Project - Import - E-Mail Accounts

GSA SER tweaks to improve VpM

Choose the right number of threads for your project

The number of threads that you can add depends on the performance of your PC/VPS or dedicated server and the number of proxies you use. Generally, you can use 10 threads per proxy, basically, in 10:1 ratio. (If your proxies speed low you can go with 5:1)

If you are using 40 proxies, you can easily add up to 400 threads to run in GSA SER. ( Number of threads depends on the projects you run. You will be able to add even more if you are using a well-performing VPS.)

Options - Submission

Set HTML timeout to improve LpM & VpM

You should have noticed that there are some websites that are fast while there are certain websites that are slow. GSA Search Engine Ranker also tend to wait for some time until the site loads to complete the process.

You can reduce the HTML timeout to a lower value like 120 seconds (2 minutes). GSA Search Engine Ranker will not wait longer than that till the site loads, and it will choose a faster site and create backlinks.

Options - Submission - HTML Timeout

Create multiple projects for fast link buidling

Most of the newbies create one or two projects and expect to have very high results. You can easily run at least ten unique projects with GSA SER, and it will perform well while managing them without any issue.

Having more projects will also help GSA SER to approach better results in a short period. If you only have a few projects to run, you can just duplicate the same project, and it will help you to approach the results.

Note: It's highly recommended to use unique articles/emails and unique campaign data to avoid duplicates.

Right Click the Project - Modify Project - Duplicate

Clean Cache/History Before starting a Project

Clearing cache when developing a website is essential to check updates. It is also important to clean cache, especially before starting a new project in GSA SER. When you restart a paused product, GSA SER might pick backlinks that have been previously submitted. When you restart the project, the previous links may have updated/removed. When you delete the target URL cache, GSA SER will start with a brand new set of links to post.

Right-Click the project(s) - Modify Project - Delete target URL cache & Delete Target URL History

If you can, reboot the VPS once in a while will also help the GSA SER perform at it’s best.

Add Less Filters when setting up the campaign

Adding filters on top of another will make your GSA SER tired on filtering. We recommend you to add filters only if they are necessary. Try your best to add a minimal number of filters, and if you add a lot of filters, it will result in lower results.

Use Verified Targets to Improve LpM & VpM

Most new users think that they can scrape lists, and verify them and then post backlinks with GSA SER. There was a time that it was possible.But things have changed now. You are going to spend a lot of money on proxies and other resources to scrape. And this whole process will consume a lot of time, and you will not be able to reach a higher LpM and VpM levels.

You can cut off the whole scraping and verifying process if you purchase verified link lists(premium link lists). As you know, SER Power Lists provide high quality verified links that can be used even on your Tier 1 campaigns. Also, it comes with live URL quality checker that helps you receive fresh links that have the MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority score is above 15. You can learn more about SER Power Lists here.

One of the key benefits of choosing a verified list service is that you don’t have to let GSA SER find target URLs. It can consume a lot of resources for GSA SER to search by Search Engines and find URLs.

Update GSA SER and other tools

Ensuring that GSA SER is up-to-date is one of the best ways to know that it’s performing at its best! GSA generally sends many regular updates that include new captcha types, and many tweaks that can help your software run better. So keep the beast updated every day!

A Captcha Solver is essential

Captcha solvers are quite popular when it comes to reducing the success ratio. But it is essential to have a captcha solver to support GSA SER to build backlinks. It is best to choose an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) captcha solving services than human-based captcha solving services. You will see a higher success ratio when using an OCR because they are automated and faster.

There are many OCR captcha solvers such as GSA Captcha Breaker, XEvil, CapMonster, Captcha Sniper and DeathByCaptcha, etc. You can use any of them according to your preference. Using GSA Captcha Breaker will help GSA SER to integrate quicker and support the VpM and LpM values.

Keep a low retry rate in captcha breaker (About 1 - 2 retries). GSA SER will try another link instantly if it fails and will help you to have a higher LpM and VpM values.

Options - Captcha - Double Click Retry Section

Bottom line

It’s not that hard to approach great results as long as you are aware of the essential things you need to do to support GSA SER work well. The trick is to let GSA SER work on the essential tasks while avoiding time-consuming optional tasks.

Of course, you will not be able to be a GSA SER expert as soon as you purchase the software. You need to understand how it works and improve its performance step by step. If you are someone who is planning to run campaigns for a longer time period, you have to keep in mind that the SEO stream changes quite fast, and you have to keep tweaking your settings regularly to keep the LpM and VpM values in an optimum level.

LpM and VpM are measurements of quantity. You will get a lower LpM and VpM rate if you are creating heavy and quality backlinks such as Do follow only, Wiki, or Contextual backlinks because of complex registrations and hard/manual captchas.

If you are planning to create quality backlinks on quality websites such as Tier 1 / Contextual, You will have to use residential proxies and quality emails in a 1:1 ratio to get better results. You will not be able to expect higher LpM and VpM values when creating quality content.

So we wish you all the very best with your work and thanks for reading!