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hello, I have bought serpower, gsa search engine ranker, gsa index, gsa captcah. Backlinks that have been made reach 7000 but why are they still not indexed


Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to hear that you are successfully creating backlinks with GSA SER.

At SER Power Lists, we provide high quality verified targets scraped from search engines and filtered according to GSA SER footprints and the quality. So you will be receiving backlinks from indexed websites.

Please bear in mind that backlink creation and indexing are two different topics. Our priority is to provide GSA SER users with high quality verified targets to create backlinks for their websites.

Indexing process is completely different topic and it seems like you use the support of GSA Indexer for indexing. However, we only provide verified targets for GSA SER and we do not provide any relevant services for GSA Indexer or anything for Indexers. But of course, our targets will definitely be supportive for your indexing process because we scrape each target from indexed websites.

Ps. Using high quality and unique content will help you to backlinks to index faster.

Happy Ranking!

Do you have any suggestions for me?


Thanks for contacting us. You will be able to learn more about GSA SER and other GSA related products through the GSA official forum. It has many useful guides and you can also ask questions there.

GSA Forum –

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